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A huge priority in any laboratory is the safety of its employees. Regular servicing and calibration of laboratory equipment is essential to maintain the efficiency. It is important that full safety checks and preventative maintenance is carried out to fume cupboards as often as deemed necessary. By its very definition, a fume cupboard is a protective environment, safeguarding the user and their surroundings. Regular checks and servicing ensure the efficiency of a Fume Cupboard. The main function of any Fume Cupboard is to provide a safe working environment, ensuring maximum efficiency whilst providing a safe, noise tolerant environment for the operator as they work. Regular checks, servicing and calibration is recommended for Fume Cupboards to ensure continued operator and laboratory safety. Failure to do so increases the risk of accidental injuries and equipment failures. Well maintained Fume Cupboards will work more efficiently and the lifespan of the unit will be extended.

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