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The CHEMFLOW Scrubber fume cupboard is ideal for laboratories where acids such as Perchloric, hydrofluoric, and other water-soluble acids are used. CSC has designed the ChemFlow Scrubber cupboard with an inbuilt scrubbing system.

By employing our unique tellerette-filled scrubbing chamber at the rear of the fume cupboard with its patented water wash-down demister jets, we can scrub the exhaust fumes with high levels of efficiency. We include a recirculation tank and pump and include the option of a neutralisation tank and dosing system which will allow the wastewater to be returned to the town's waste system subject to local regulations.

Manufactured to meet and surpass the recommendations laid down in the BS/EN 14175 fume cupboard standards.



ChemFlow Scrubber Fume Cupboards are available with PIR Motorised Sash, Energy Save, VAV Control and Chemical Storage Units.


Key Features:

  • Corrosion Resistant PVC

  • High Quality Material

  • 5mm Anti Corrosive Compact Laminate Lining

  • 6mm Toughened Vertical Glass Sash

  • Fail Safe Counter Balance Sash

  • AirFlow Modus Monitor & Controller

  • Gas, Water & Drip Cup Fixtures

  • Includes Recirculation Tank & Pump

  • 1 Year Warranty**

  • Manufactured in Ireland

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