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Benchmouted Fume Cupboard
Fume Cupboard.png

The CHEMFLOW Bench Mounted fume cupboard is suited to general laboratory use and can be tailored to suit a customer’s exact requirements. Its design provides a safe working environment, ensuring maximum efficiency whilst providing a safe, noise tolerant environment for the operator as they work. Manufactured as standard from 6mm thick, chemical resistant PVC, they are virtually corrosion-proof, ensuring safety and an increased product life span. Our CHEMFLOW fume cupboards are certified to the EN 14175 standard.

The ChemFlow Bench Mounted fume cupboard is our most popular model. It is suited to general laboratory use and can be tailored to suit a customer’s exact requirements. We manufacture this unit from 6mm thick fabricated sheet PVC as standard. However, we can manufacture from a range of other materials including epoxy painted mild steel and stainless steel to facilitate client specifications.

Designed and manufactured to meet and surpass the recommendations laid down in the BS/EN 14175 fume cupboard standards. Our PVC standard construction offers a much higher chemical resistant longer life fume cupboard.

Our range of standard sizes is as per the data sheet but our flexibility allows us to meet your exact requirements regarding height, widths and depths of fume cupboard. Eco Flow, our unique energy saving system, can be installed in all our ChemFlow fume cupboards.


  • Corrosion Resistant PVC

  • High Quality Material

  • 16mm Trespa TopLab Plus Worktop

  • 5mm Anti Corrosive Compact Laminate Lining

  • 6mm Toughened Vertical Glass Sash

  • Fail Safe Counter Balance Sash

  • AirFlow Modus Monitor & Controller

  • Gas, Water & Drip Cup Fixtures

  • Full Automatic Sash with Energy Save Options

  • 1 Year Warranty*

  • Manufactured in Ireland

*The standard 1-year warranty can be extended to 5 years if a CSC service contract is purchased with the Fume Cupboard


  • ChemFlow Bench Mounted Fume Cupboards  are available with

  • PIR Motorised Sash

  • Energy Save

  • VAV Control

  • Chemical Storage Units

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